Morgan again just refers to the disability when talking about

In the Snack bar

buy canada goose jacket cheap Choose a poem in which a chance encounter or seemingly unimportant incident acquires increased significance by the end. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Show how the poet’s development of the canada goose uk site encounter or incident leads you to a deeper understanding of the poet’s theme.

The poem “” by Edwin Morgan is on the theme of isolation. The chance encounter between the narrator and an old disabled man acquires increasing significance by the end of the poem in which the narrator takes the old Canada Goose Outlet man to the toilet. Morgan helps to create a deeper understanding of the theme of isolation though use of poetic techniques such as imagery and sentence structure.

canada goose black friday sale The canada goose outlet in montreal narrator canada goose outlet vip encounters the old man at the start of the poem by chance and it is clear right away that he is isolated. canada goose black friday sale

“A cup capsizes along canada goose clothing uk the formica,

Slithering with a dull clatter.

buy canada goose jacket A few heads turn canada goose outlet location in the crowded evening snack bar.” buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale The only reason the narrator’ attention has been drawn to this old man is because of this sudden noise which is shown by the onomatopoeia “clatter” and reflected in the alliteration of the “c” sound in “cup capsizes”. Nothing of particular importance has occurred; most people in the bar would not have even looked round, only a “few heads.” canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale This shows however that the man is isolated as buy canada goose uk even a loud noise does not cause canada goose outlet woodbury people to take notice. Canada Goose canada goose outlet store quebec sale

Canada Goose online The reader leans canada goose outlet store calgary quickly that the old man, who the narrator has encountered by chance, is very disabled and is isolated by his disability. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka Looming over him canada goose outlet kokemuksia forces his head down.” Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale The poet’s use of synecdoche in the “dismal hump” clearly shows that the narrator, on first encountering the man, notices the disability before the old man himself. As the hump “forces his head down” the human features of the face are not noticed and the old man is completely dehumanised. Already, the canada goose outlet in new york chance encounter is beginning to gain canada goose jacket outlet uk more importance as we are lead to a deeper understanding of why the man is isolated. The society in canada goose outlet montreal which he lives is isolating this man because he is so disabled. People are unable to see past the disability and therefore isolate the man beneath. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose The narrator takes the old man to the toilets and the reader is made more aware of why this old man is isolated during this. cheap Canada Goose

“Painful ages to close his trousers and coat

I do up the last buttons for him.”

Canada Goose Jackets The chance encounter between the old man and the narrator has lead them to the toilet. However, Morgan does not say who the process is “painful” for. It could certainly be “painful” for the old man who is so disabled that even the simplest action causes pain but it could also be “painful” for the narrator who feels so uncomfortable waiting in this disabled man’s presence. Canada Goose canada goose outlet uk Jackets

canada goose coats It is not just the effort and time it takes the old man to perform these simple tasks that isolates him, the personal tasks that he needs strangers to perform cause further isolation. The narrator “does up the canada goose vest outlet last buttons”. This personal task makes the canada goose outlet london uk man dependent which means society will view him as childlike and not as an equal. canada goose coats

The chance encounter has acquired yet more significance as the narrator performs personal tasks for the canada goose outlet uk sale old man and we see that society has isolated this man because of his dependence on it.

Lack of communication is key to isolation and as the encounter develops further we see that the old man cannot communicate well.

canadian goose jacket “He asks doubtfully. “Can I wash my hands?” canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals The small amount of speech in the poem is interrupted by dashes. This makes the man appear hesitant or “Doubtful” and also slightly mechanical. canada goose outlet in chicago Even to perform such a simple thing as hand washing the old man must “ask” for assistance. The chance encounter develops as the old man tries to communicate with the narrator but as his speech is slow and takes so much effort society is isolating the old man again so no one will take the time to help him communicate. canada goose deals

After the old man has left and the encounter is over the tone becomes more philosophical as Morgan reflects on the encounter and shows how it has acquired increased significance.

canada goose store “This life depends on many who would evade him canada goose store

canada goose But he cannot reckon up the chances canada goose

canada goose clearance To haul his blind hump through those rains of August.” canada goose clearance

The description of the old man situation has become clear now the encounter is thought back on. The old man is isolated by the society that he “depends” on. Morgan is trying to show that it is up to society not to “evade ” him because the old man himself cannot make the effort to free himself from the isolation. The old canada goose outlet store new york man must concentrate all his effort to “haul his blind hump” wherever he goes. Morgan again just refers to the disability when talking about the man which emphasises the bitterness of the tone and the prejudiced way people view this old man. Although the encounter is over it is still gaining importance as Morgan reflects on it. The reader is lead to a deeper understanding of the problems of a society which isolates those who need help the most though this reflection.

Canada Goose Outlet The poem “In the Snack Bar” by Edwin Morgan details the encounter between our old man and the narrator. At the beginning of the poem it is clear that the old man is isolated and as the poem progresses we understand why. However, by the end of the development of the encounter, not only do we have a deeper understanding of why the old man is isolated, we have also seen that we as a society are isolated from this old man because we cannot get past seeing him as this or that disability. The old man cannot canada goose outlet germany make the effort to connect with society; it is down to us not canada goose outlet trillium parka black to isolate him. Morgan makes us question ourselves about whether we would have helped the old man if it had been us instead of the reader and, personally, I am still left wondering Canada Goose Outlet.

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