It’s market is only Rs 255 crore with equity base just 4

There are some ways that Trump’s tariffs do hurt foreign companies. Companies are likely to buy fewer products from China and elsewhere as they look for alternative suppliers. Goods such as soybeans and whiskey. Telesmart SCS: The Structured Cabling products manufacturing company with its ownlarge scale state of theart manufacturing facilities committed to implementing the government’s Make in India mandate.EVENT UPDATEThe board of directors of Smartlink Network Systems has approved a buyback proposal not exceeding 56 lakh equity shares (being 24.83 percent of the total paid up equity share capital of the company) at Rs 120 a share for an aggregate amount of Rs 67.20 crore. A record date for determining the entitlement and the names of the equity shareholders to be eligible to participate in the proposed buyback is May 18.Views and valuationSmartlink has a book value of Rs 142.34 implying P/B of 0.8x. It’s market is only Rs 255 crore with equity base just 4.51 crore shares.

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