It lacks perhaps a little experience since the team is quite

Ahmed Hassan speaks to Goal ahead of World Cup opener

Goal: What are you doing today? What is your daily life?

Hassan: Right now, I work for the Egyptian channel DMC Channel where I analyze the games of the Egyptian first division. And before, I took care of a team as coach.

canada goose clearance Hassan: Yes, I want to continue as a coach. It’s my wish. But do it more professionally and in a canada goose outlet black friday more appreciable context. It must be more organized than where I was canada goose uk before. There are positions where you’re canada goose outlet black friday sale not judged on canada goose outlet houston the experience or skills you have, but more on your address book and the links you have with directors and influencers. Me, it’s something that I cannot accept, and I have enough experience to know that this is not how I want to work. If I benefit from a project that is serious and respectful, I will return to the coaching profession. But, otherwise, I still prefer to continue as a consultant. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket Goal: You have been African champion four times. What remains of these successes? buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats Hassan: Yes, of course they are very big and pleasant memories. Because there is nothing more tasty canada goose outlet store uk in life than successes with your country. There are triumphs with your club where you celebrate with your supporters but it is not worth the triumphs with your national team. You benefit with a wider audience. It’s a different feeling and especially beautiful. To talk about tournaments in more detail, I would say that the tournament of 1998 was my first and it is the one canada goose outlet toronto location where I made myself known to the Egyptian public. Because I was young and I didn’t have many games with the selection yet. I remember having made a very big final, and the performance and the goal I scored helped me a lot to start my career. 2006 was at home and it was very important for us and our supporters. The public helped us in the conquest. In 2008, it was the tournament where I was captain the first time and so I was able to lift the trophy first. It was very important to me. In 2010, we won our last title and became the most successful team in canada goose outlet in canada Africa. And personally, I was named best player in 2006 and 2010. So, of course, it’s still very nice memories. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Goal: Which of these African Cups was the hardest to conquer? canadian goose jacket

Hassan: I think the one canada goose outlet in usa from 1998. We didn’t have a very big team at the time. It was a young selection and no one expected us to achieve such a feat. In 2006, it was not easy either because you certainly know all the pressure that can be involved in competitions at home.

canada goose clearance sale Goal: You won four CAN, but you didn’t play in the World Cup. Is it an eternal regret? canada goose clearance sale

canada goose Hassan: I think we would have deserved indeed to play a final phase of the World Cup. But in the end, it’s football that’s like that. We did a lot of good things, but we missed that goal. But, we did everything for. And I think we missed the factor of luck. Everyone agreed that this team deserved to compete in the World Cup at least once. But, we thank God for what we got. What we have achieved on the continental stage will be difficult to repeat, although I hope canada goose outlet sale the greatest success for the current egyptian team. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap Goal: What do you think of the current Egyptian selection? buy canada canada goose premium outlet goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets Hassan: It’s a very good team, with a lot of quality players. Several players who evolve in Europe too. It lacks perhaps a little experience since the team is quite young and has not yet faced the greatest nations. But he has just reached the World Cup and for that we must salute all his merit. I hope he will have a bright future. This selection went to the World Cup when it was 28 years ago that we didn’t do it. I hope they will shine there, despite, I repeat, the lack of experience canada goose outlet eu that it suffers at the highest level. Canada Goose Jackets

Goal: In terms of talent, would you canada goose outlet official agree if you canada goose outlet new york city were told that yours was better armed?

Hassan: If we compare the two generations, it’s clear that ours was better in terms of talents and we practiced an attractive game. Individually and collectively it was on another level. But at the same time, the current team has achieved what we have not managed to do: play a World Cup, in addition to reaching a CAN final. And we cannot neglect that. And then, well, it would be an injustice if we start comparing the two teams.

cheap Canada Goose Goal: What do you think of Egypt’s chances of shining at the World Cup. How far can they go? cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale Hassan: We have a well balanced, well organized selection, but they still lack a lot of things. I really hope she will reach the knockout phase of this World Cup. canada goose coats on sale

Goal: How do you rate your group in the first round?

Canada Goose sale Hassan: It’s a very balanced group. That said, if we had canada goose outlet in vancouver the opportunity to choose our own group, it would have been difficult to get a better group. The team of Uruguay stands out. It’s the strongest, I think. And the remaining three teams, I think they will all leave with equal chances. Russia canada goose clothing uk is not really part of the Cadors. The canada goose outlet paypal Saudis cannot be said to be favorites. Honestly, we have good chances to get out of this group. Canada Goose sale

Goal: What do you think of Mohamed Salah? He surprises us every day and you?

Canada Goose Parka Hassan: I think that Mohamed Salah got the upper hand on himself. He has achieved unprecedented feats. And I think he himself did not expect to go that high and get where he is today. He is doing very good things and he has become a worthy ambassador, not only for Egypt but also for the entire Arab world. At the moment, he is one of the best players in the world. He is also coming out of an exceptional season. And I’m sure he will still progress tremendously and continue on the same path. Canada Goose canada goose discount uk Parka

Canada Goose Outlet Goal: You say he got the upper hand on himself. What do you mean? Canada Goose Outlet

Hassan: He has overcome canada goose outlet authentic himself in the sense that he has achieved an exceptional season, in terms of performance, efficiency, goals scored and the impact he can have on his team. He has evolved everywhere. He has become a completely different player.

canada goose black friday sale Goal: Do you think that he alone can guide Egypt to the second round of the World Cup? canada goose black friday sale

Hassan: Surely all of Egypt is counting on Salah to take us away. And he’s the star of the team. But, I have the feeling that if we place all our hopes on him and canada goose outlet online uk his exploits, we will not go far. But we must also have other individual and collective solutions. And we have other quality players like Sobhi Ramadan, Trzeguet, Mahmoud Kahraba, Marawan Mohsen. We really have a good group of players. And, we must all get to use them well. In football, it’s especially the collective that counts and that allows you to achieve great performances. If we go to Russia with the idea that Salah makes us shine alone, it’s going to be very complicated.

canada goose deals Goal: Abroad, the experts start to compare him to Lionel Messi in his way of playing. Is this ridiculous? Or do you really see similarities in style canada goose outlet shop that both players have? canada goose deals

canada goose store Hassan: No, I think it’s a good thing. But well, Messi is Messi. And beyond the qualities he possesses, we must remember that it has been a decade that he maintains at the highest level. With efficiency and effectiveness intact. Whether Salah is compared with him, or with other great players is canada goose outlet winnipeg good, and it can be understood by the season he has done. Nevertheless, Salah has just started, and he should continue on the same path and confirm over time. And, personally, I don’t really like comparisons. We should distinguish each and appreciate the performance of each player without having to compare with those of others. canada goose store

Goal: Do you think that the success of Salah in Europe will give even more confidence to Canada Goose Outlet the players of the Egyptian championship. Maybe even Arab players in general.

Canada Goose online Hassan: That’s true. For any Arab player who aspires to succeed abroad, he has opened a door. His success beyond Egyptian borders, but also those of players like Elneny, Ramadan Sobhy or Hegazy, that can inspire others. And this is proof that European clubs, and especially the English, they follow the Egyptian players Canada Goose online.

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