It effectively doubles your current health and healing

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I think you underestimating the damage reduction. It effectively doubles your current health and healing received (You can survive damage x2 your current health and since the damage you take is lower, all healing feels like it higher). For mobile heroes with smaller hitboxes, canada goose parka outlet they very unlikely to die to anything if they being healed. This makes the damage boost much more potent when used with tandem with other ultimates since the target is very unlikely to die.

As someone with 60 hours on mercy I disagree. I believe Valk is MUCH more interactive. Flying around with official canada goose outlet unlimited ammo canada goose outlet store calgary and being able to pocket most of your team at once is much more engaging than pressing a button to res your team. There are decisions to make. Try to 1v1 the canada goose outlet in chicago widow maker? Heal everyone? Boost everyone? Fly away from 5 team members to try to save 1 far away? As opposed to “should I canada goose outlet seattle res the team now? No, maybe now?”

cheap Canada Goose Also, there shouldn be a counter to ult combos that is as simple as “revive the entire team”. Good ult combos should be rewarded. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket Despite canada goose outlet uk sale the fact that I personally believe res can never be balanced, I think mercy is in the best spot she ever been. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats We have burst, that dredges up from a scrap heap and we fight a long term losing buy canada goose uk battle. A missed GCD to raise a person means that I lost the mana and mp for spell I was supposed to have casted. Which means canada goose outlet shop my DPS slips further down the slope while I am trying to recover and get back to my melee combo, which is where I recover all the DPS I am losing. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Meanwhile, a SMN dies canada goose outlet toronto factory and his dots are still ticking and with a click of a button (aetherflow) recovers MP and is able to get back into the fight and recover. Meanwhile, a RDM dies, he is back to 0/0 mana and has to climb back up a slope of failure. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose As for taking away only one utility, if you took away the SMN ability to rez, and canada goose outlet store uk the RDMs ability to rez, then SMN still come out on top of all DPS. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet I am a DPS class, yes I have utility, I do participate in groups, and I can and will rez if needed. IF NEEDED. But if 4/8 canada goose outlet orlando people are dead, people will wipe anyways, and start over again. canada goose outlet new york city If one person dies, the healers are usually on top of their game. If a healer dies, I wll raise them so the other can focus on heals for the group. If 2 DPS dies, I will pick up one if I am not in my melee combo and if Lucid is up. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online You cannot say as a RDM in Lakshmi you raised over and over and over again and do it with a straight face. Anyone who plays a RDM knows you are lying, or don play it anymore with any confidence to know what you are talking about. After 4 rezzes, if Lucid is not up, your dead to MP, if you don have a BRD to refresh you, or a BLM to mana shift you, you have no MP to keep going, even to cast your normal rotation of abilities, and canada goose victoria parka outlet even if you have lucid up, and you continue to rez, you get 1, maybe 2 more rezzes off before you canada goose factory outlet toronto location no longer have MP to spare, even to cast your normal rotation. Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket So what you are saying, is back in Lakshmi, is that you had incidental raises from time to time, maybe getting a healer back on their feet to continue learning a fight, and always recovered MP by the time you had to raise again. canadian goose jacket

LittleDucky17 4 points submitted 1 month ago

canada goose store RDM is supposed to be the “easy to use DPS”. They can churn out consistent level of DPS and have canada goose outlet store new york good burst damage when needed (which is even better when you think about cooldown alignment for bursts. canada goose store

Canada Goose sale Any death leads to a DPS loss. It a matter of who has to lose that DPS to raise and how much mana they lose for it. For healers, they lose less DPS than RDM/SMN but they spend more valuable mana which is more limited for them to do so(RDM and SMN have an abundance of mana to spare for raises/mana shift) and more importantly, time that could be spent healing at crucial moments. Having someone canada goose outlet 80 off that can rez instantly by weaving is a DPS gain and there canada goose outlet in vancouver are situations where they can rez without letting someone die which is why having a DPS pick up the rez can be highly beneficial. I could go on but you get the idea). Canada Goose sale

Also, SMN canada goose factory outlet loses significantly more DPS if they die, especially if they were close to Bahamut or had just used Aetherflow. 1 full minute of just spamming ruin III and reapplying dots to wait for Aetherflow is their penalty. RDM DPS loss doesn even come close and all classes lose their accumulated gauge, with SMN still suffering the most.

Canada Goose Parka You also can argue about removing their ability to rez because you have to compare the full kit of each class for a fair comparison. If you remove Aetherflow from SMN, RDM does more DPS. Does this sound fair? RDM core utility comes from being able to chain rezes multiple times outside of their melee combo. If you not happy using canada goose outlet in montreal your rez because it leads to a DPS loss, then BLM seems to be more of the DPS that you interested in or perhaps Samurai. Canada Goose Parka

Edit: btw, I would like to hear your arguments against these points. 1 points submitted 1 month ago

canada goose coats on sale While your post was eloquent, I perhaps wish to point out, RDMs don have an abundance of MP to spare. Of the three casters, without Lucid, we have no legit way to recover MP, and so we live from Lucid cast to lucid cast, especially if rezzes were inter woven into any fight. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale Again, my using rezzes are tightly managed. I do use them, even with the DPS loss, like picking up a healer if one dies so the other can heal the party. They have tools other than lucid canada goose outlet to recover MP than a RDM does. Assize, ewer, Aetherflow. Even bards in a group save their refresh solely for the healers, and BLMs mana shift solely for the healers. So they have back up on top of back up, meanwhile, we have lucid. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose deals I am surprised at how much I see people saying RDM DPS is teady and level, it really isn Our DPS solely comes from our melee combo, which gives us a nice burst that we then spend the next minute or two fighting against a decline until we can get to another melee combo. Any delayin that, a missed proc, or raising someone makes our DPS drop even further. The problem is that RDMs just have no sustain, excellent burst, no sustain. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance And most my concern about RDM utility comes from after the Progression arguments, which rezzing is about as invalid as it is useful. Sure, I can use it, but if noone is dying, what good is my utility? I have embolden, sure, but again, it comes down to SMN vs RDM. They have devotion and radiant shield, and equal amounts if not better mobility. canada goose clearance

Why should RDMs continue to defined only by their verraises, if, by this point in a tier, people are abadoning them in favor of higher DPS classes?

And I am good at it, ever so good. I have invested my soul into this class, and I don foresee me quitting. I could play higher damage spitting classes, greedier classes, I could be getting 7Ks on BLMs for the luls, but I not, because I love the RDM.

Canada Goose Jackets I am only trying to figure out why the RDM deserves trash heap DPS because of their PROGRESSION potential, and not for their raid potential. If this game was all about progressing and never actual completion, I can see a point here. But we all beat content eventually, and then all other progression classes are still in demand or favored because canada goose outlet usa of the strict utility is brings (TA/BLit/songs, stc) except red mages, because they lack in damage and the utility they provide isn needed anymore, and can be accomplished with a SMN instead, who does more damage Canada Goose Jackets.

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