At 07:46 7th Nov 2012, JWP wrote: I understand that the BBC

Election night

canada goose clearance So after more than a year of campaigning, it all comes down to this. On radio, TV and online, the BBC is gearing up for a big night in English and 27 other languages. And not just one big night, but 51 separate contests. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale Unlike most other countries, the US election is not a nationwide “popular poll”. Instead, the president is elected by an Electoral College of 538 delegates canada goose outlet buffalo from each of the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. How many canada goose outlet houston come from each, depends on their population. So as the votes pile up, it’s the way each state votes that will decide the election. canada goose clearance canada goose outlet official sale

canada goose coats In most canada goose outlet mississauga states, thanks to exit polls, it may be canada goose outlet authentic possible to project a result the moment the polls close. Working with our friends at ABC News, the BBC will “call” the results, state by state, based on those projections. In states that are too close to call, electronic voting will mean we’re able to follow the counting in real time, based on the number of voting precincts reporting. canada goose coats

The first real test will come at midnight GMT when polls close in six states. Virginia, with 13 electoral college votes, will be the first of the battle ground states to report. Half an hour later at 00:30 GMT, polls will canada goose outlet hong kong also close in Ohio with its 18 votes and North Carolina with 15 votes. As the polls close, the BBC will call the result in each based on projections made by ABC News.

canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet factory Using the results service on the BBC News website, you’ll be able to follow the same data driving the BBC’s results system on TV and radio. They will include the state results, the resultant change in the Electoral College vote, canada goose outlet website legit and will colour the state and national maps accordingly red for Republican states, blue for Democrats. canada goose black friday sale

The target for canada goose outlet legit Barack Obama and canada goose outlet in canada canada goose black friday Mitt Romney is to hit a canada goose outlet toronto address figure of 270 winning the majority canada goose victoria parka outlet of the 538 delegates to the Electoral College. Once one of the candidates passes the magic 270 total, this election canada goose outlet woodbury will be over. Then and only then will the BBC call the election. A big night and, possibly, a long night beckons.

buy canada goose jacket Jon Williams is world news editor. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose Comment number 1. At 20:20 6th Nov 2012, Stewartone wrote: What makes anyone at the BBC begin to think that the majority of people in this country are remotely interested in the US Presidential elections? Your coverage is completely OTT as is the size and number of your reporting team in America no doubt at huge License paying viewers expense. To canada goose outlet online store review put the US elections on the main news before reporting any home news to the British people is a disgrace. canada goose

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Comment number 2. At 20:50 6th canada goose factory outlet Nov 2012, This is a colleague announcement wrote: Thank you for the succinct explanation of the US presidential electoral system.

Could you also give one, on the way in which democratic legitimacy passes in the EU from its people, to the Council Of Ministers, and the latter’s relationship with the European Parliament, please?

A lot of people here seem to think it’s unaccountable, and would benefit from being so disabused.

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Canada Goose online Comment number 3. At 04:28 7th canada goose vest outlet Nov 2012, PhilSpace wrote: The sycophantic coverage of the Obama campaign is painful to watch. I was amused by one readers comment who said she thought Mark Mardell canada goose jacket outlet uk favoured Obama ‘a bit’ hilarious. I suppose at least the picture of the supporter in an Obama hat wasn’t a BBC journalist this time. You know, what with all that impartiality everything. canada goose jacket outlet store Canada Goose online

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canada goose coats on sale Comment number 4. At 04:35 7th Nov 2012, purple wrote: I wonder if Yo Bama 🙂 will stick a feather in his hat, l had Romney for 200. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store Life moves on. Angela is here to whisper to David that Greece is kaput and we must pull together to save naughty German banks and their investors. That is the real probby, ya know. All that over valued asset investment and the piles of untaxed cash generated. canada goose store

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canadian goose jacket Comment number 5. At 04:39 7th Nov 2012, PhilSpace wrote: BBC must be happy their man Obama won! I expect there will be champagne bottles strewn around broadcasting tonight, as Jane Garvey, 5 Live, said they were when Labour won in 1997. All very impartial. canadian goose jacket

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Comment number 6. At 06:47 7th Nov 2012, essen wrote: Dead heat?Complain about this comment (Comment number 6)

Canada Goose sale Comment number 7. At 07:46 7th Nov 2012, JWP wrote: I understand that the BBC had around 100 people in the US to cover this election. That is a staggering waste of licence payer’s money and something the Director General needs to answer for. Canada Goose sale

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Absolutely right. This is a disgrace and there should now be a canada goose outlet store uk full scale Leveson style inquiry into the BBC including this, the left wing bias, Savile, tax, and the other scandals at the BBC

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Comment number 9. At 08:36 7th Nov 2012, This is a colleague announcement wrote: I don’t see why the BBC should canada goose outlet uk be any more required to be “impartial” between democrat and republican in the US, than it should between say, reformer and military in Burma buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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