And in males the suite of features shaped by generations of

Professor in the Cage Lesson 3

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In the canada goose outlet london uk context of Gottschall’s Professor in the Cage, develop an argumentative thesis about the relationship between masculinity and ritualized violence. Your essay should be 1,000 words and have a Works Cited page with 3 sources, including one from the El Camino College database.

canada goose deals Option 2Here lies the debate canada goose outlet new york in Gottschall’s book. A lot of sociologists, such as Allan G. Johnson, criticize the biology model of gender differences, arguing that the biology model is false and born out of the need canada goose jacket outlet uk to service patriarchy, a male dominated society. Critics such as Johnson argue that gender differences and gender roles are social constructions. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Gottschall would disagree. He argues canada goose outlet in vancouver that masculinity, the need to fight and canada goose outlet online reviews to pump up in the gym, is a biological need in order to obtain power. If we don’t obtain this power, he argues, we get pushed around. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket At one point, Gottschall (JG) argues with “the poet” about masculinity. He says to the poet: “Can you name a single society in world history where physical strength wasn’t part of the masculine ideal?” canadian goose jacket

He continues: “We didn’t invent masculinity. It’s not a cultural thing. It’s not even a people thing. Watch an alpha chimp or canada goose outlet usa a silverback gorilla strut around. They’re macho!”

Canada Goose online And then ironically, JG and the poet had a “masculine ritual” of arguing back and forth to see who’s right rather than come to a mutual understanding, a point JG makes to prove his argument. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet JG argues all males seek masculine power: “The big get their way, while the small give way.” This is the Law of the Jungle. To call this law a product of socialization or cultural patriarchy or media brainwashing is too ignore the evidence. Canada Goose Outlet

Two. How is prison a microcosm of society at large?

Canada Goose Jackets JG writes: “As in prison, strength equals respect in its canada goose victoria parka outlet most basic dimension: when you are strong, guys don’t f with you…. Bullies and criminals aren’t looking to test themselves in fair canada goose outlet shop fights. So young men bulk up on the weights for many reasons. They want to look good. They may want to improve in sports. But they are also building up an arsenal of deterrence. Muscle is a bold advertisement: I am not a rabbit. I am not food.” Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale Three. What school of thought disagrees with JG’s argument that masculinity is biological? canada goose coats on sale

Canada canada goose parka outlet Goose Parka We read that “For about a half a century academic thinking about gender has been guided by the theory of the ‘sex/gender system.'” Canada Goose Parka

Sex is biological, but gender is learned, according to this theory. In other words, there is a strong dividing line between sex and gender.

canada goose clearance sale As we read: “But gender all of the attributes we typically describe as ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ is purely cultural. We all emerge into the world as genderless blobs that parents, media, and teachers torture into culturally appropriate shapes. The act of taking the soggy mass of human raw material and mashing it into canada goose outlet ontario a rigid gender mold has been called ‘boying’ and ‘girling.” canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale JG rejects the above notion, mainly because science shows that males are canada goose outlet in canada more hardwired than females in two ways: “competitive and violent behavior.” canada goose black friday sale

You can talk to parents, canada goose outlet eu and they will tell you boy toddlers are more aggressive than female toddlers, for example.

canada goose coats Much of JG’s book is a rejection of the sex/gender dichotomy. He writes: “the basic masculine and feminine traits male more competitive and aggressive, females more peaceable and nurturing extend across diverse animal species. Over the past few decades biologists have determined that masculinity and femininity are rooted in something very simple: how fast the two sexes can reproduce….” canada goose coats

canada goose Men are in competition with other men for reproductive success, and this competition starts early. canada goose

We read: “This competition to attract mates and defeat rivals is what Darwin called sexual selection. And in males the suite of features shaped by generations of consistent high risk, high reward competition for mates is what we call masculinity. As Darwin indicated, canada goose outlet in montreal these features consist of being bigger, stronger, more bellicose, more willing to take risks, and more sexually eager” (72).

cheap Canada Goose canada goose factory outlet vancouver Masculinity has a biological purpose. We read: “Put baldly, this means canada goose outlet reviews that masculinity has an overriding purpose. Whether in men or musk canada goose outlet toronto oxen, masculinity is for prevailing in the competition for mates. It’s about being big and fierce enough to win fights, or to intimidate a rival into yielding without a fight.” cheap Canada Goose

Four. What intellectual traps must we avoid when contemplating biological explanations for gender?

We must not equate the biological canada goose outlet template of a male aggressive, ruthlessly competitive, risk taking with an ideal of behavior. Nor must we equate this behavior with morality.

buy canada goose jacket cheap One man could embody masculine behavior and be a complete jackass. In contrast, another man could embody masculine behavior and be honorable and noble. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance One thing is clear: Unleashing our male animal does not make us ideal or canada goose outlet winnipeg address moral. Cultivating our masculinity with the harness of morality and honor is the only way. canada goose clearance

Lots of “bros” or macho men or he men are obnoxious braggarts, reckless troglodytes, and canada goose outlet uk fake are on the road to self destruction.

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