Month: February 2014

That team kicked so much ass and no one cares

Many Christmas cards can cost a lot of money, especially when you buy a lot of them. Phone calls can also cost a pretty penny, especially if they are long distance calls that are being made. You may want to omit one or the other during the holidays.. It’s telling how much a coach wants […]

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Don’t say the problem is his penis size

From smallest to biggest the length of each one is 3 1/2″ / 3″ / 4″. They have a circumference of 2 1/4″ / 3″ / 4″. The diameter of each one is 1 1/4″ / 1″ / 3/4 vibrating butt plug,” and again that is from smallest to biggest.. Then I heard Amazon Key […]

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A few years ago I have been screaming

It specifically because of a law from 1938 that bans “any nonnutritive object” in food that doesn serve a purpose. The stick of a tootsie roll pop is OK, but it has a function (to hold the actual food part). The toy inside a kinder egg has no function, and so is banned by the […]

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